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A comprehensive environmental consulting company, specialising in air quality, and providing liability protection and regulatory assistance.

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DiGiSci Environmental

DiGiSci Environmental consulting provides comprehensive environmental consulting, specializing in air quality but also able to immediately assemble teams of experts to deal with any issue.

Although profit is one motivator, we wish to conduct business “the right way”, with a strong science. As such, we put public health and safety as our top priority. We believe that this actually serves our clients best as it will eliminate any of their environmental liability.

We are established as a benefit corporation and eventually hope to qualify for certifying as a B Corporation. As such, as well as serving our clients, we demonstrate business leadership by pursuing advocacy to improve the science-base of air quality consulting in Ontario. Currently, it is in a very sorry state, partly due to MECP’s refusal to require cumulative air quality levels assessed for permitting requirements. At DiGiSci, we bring the best experience and science forward to protect the public, and so any liability exposure for industrial clients.

Our History

The staff at DiGiSci have tremendous expertise and experience in air quality, with >25 years experience in Ontario, across Canada and around the world.

Our history and experience includes:
  • Developing the Town of Oakville Regulatory Bylaw for PM2.5.
  • Testifying before the Federal Environmental Panel on the Milton Logistics Hub.
  • Providing expert review of the Kosovo Lignite Power Plant Refurbishment.
  • Hundreds of permit applications and annual emission reports in Ontario, Canada.
  • Expert opinion to the Town of Oakville on the Proposed TransCanada gas-fired peaking plant.
  • EIA (Air) on the proposed Barbados garbage dump expansion and WTE plant.
  • Expert opinion to the City of Burlington on the proposed Mount Nemo quarry expansion – appeared before the JRT.
  • Preliminary assessment of air impacts of Expanded Cruise Ship Berthing facilities at Grand Cayman, WI.
  • Custom air dispersion modelling development, assessment and use for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  • Parameterization of regional-scale dry deposition modelling for the Environment Canada North American Dry Deposition Model.
  • Design and establishment of the Equatorial African Nutrient Deposition Network, including installing monitoring stations in a number of countries there.
Air Pollution

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