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So far, in 2021, action has been taken to penalize organizations that are harming the Canadian environment by failing to meet regulations enforced by local, provincial, and federal legislation. Corporations causing damage to the environment with their excessive pollution emissions and actions are receiving costly fines and convictions. If you own a business and are not aware of all regulations established in the City of Toronto, Ontario, or Canada, consider working with environmental consulting services for guidance.

Environmental News

By connecting with informative, helpful environmental consulting services in Toronto, you can ensure your business meets all levels of environmental legislation to protect the environment and improve air, water, and land quality for Canadian residents.

With the help of environmental consulting firms in Toronto, you could avoid these potential charges:

A Settlement Amounting to $675,000

As 2021 kicked off, the Canadian government did not hesitate to penalize environmental law-breakers. They charged the Compagnie d’Arrimage de Québec Ltée, a cargo-handling company in Quebec. Recently, a mishandling of toxins occurred in their facility, found in the Port of Quebec inhabited by around 50,000 residents. Their dangerous pollution emissions led to a cloud of red dust, which contained traces of heavy metals, covering several neighbourhoods in the community. Because this company did not follow the advice of environmental consulting companies, they may have inflicted health damages on Quebec residents. The iron-containing dust could lead to irreversible side effects, especially in vulnerable populations like children or the elderly.

Beyond needing to pay the high fines, this company has also been added to Canada’s Environmental Offenders list.

$25,000 fine

Another example of a business that should have sought environmental consulting services is a Windsor, Ontario greenhouse, called Green Acre Farms, that violated the Environmental Protection Act. This company has a history of improper sewage disposal. They’ve been fined for polluting Lake Erie by disposing of their toxic sewage, including high phosphorus concentrations, into a stormwater system leading directly into the lake.

Had this business worked with environmental consulting firms in Toronto or surrounding areas, they would have learned the harm they were inflicting not only on the lake’s ecological system but the people who visit Lake Erie for swimming and recreational activities. Following an investigation by the Ontario ministry, Golden Acre Farms was also required to pay a victim fine for causing harm to a local resident’s health.

If your business requires the use of chemicals, sewage disposal, or any environment-impacting resources, you should seek environmental consulting services. By working with environmental consulting companies, you can be sure you meet all legislations established by the government to maintain ecological integrity and protect residents from exposure to toxins that could impact their wellbeing.