We help you with your ECA/EASR, Air & Noise Emissions Permitting in Ontario

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Are You a Manufacturing Company?

We can provide Assistance with EASR registration.
Submission to the MECP. Updates to air/noise reports.

What we cover in our services:

  • 1 emissions scenario for air/noise, developed in conjunction with you
  • Significance tests for air and noise emissions
  • Updates to air/noise reports
  • Submission to the MECP (if required)
  • Assistance with EASR registration (if required)

How we can help:

  • Work with you to estimate air and noise emissions
  • Estimate air and noise impacts
  • Compare to regulatory levels
  • Recommend mitigation (if required|)
  • Update your air/noise reports
  • Submit the amendment application to the Ministry Of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP)

Rapid changes to environmental (air/noise)
permits, required by law

Environmental permit

Why you need us:

  • Highly specialized services; outsourcing required
  • 25 years experience in Ontario permitting
  • World-class expertise
  • Review/sign-off by Licensed Engineering Practitioner required in Ontario
  • Update your air/noise reports

Consequences for not amending permits:

  • MECP get's involved; they begin to set deadlines
  • Fines
  • Legal Action by the Province