Guide to Find if Your Operations Fall Under the ECA or EASR Process

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Whether your facility or plant requires an ECA (Environmental Compliance Approval) or EASR (Environmental Activity and Sector Registry) depends primarily on your NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code.

Environmental assessment

This, also in turn, depends on the specifics of your operations which need to be examined separately and with care.

The first thing and easiest to check is whether your facility and operations are at all eligible to register through the EASR process. This can be determined by looking at the relevant Ontario Regulation (1/17) where the ineligible codes and operations are listed.

This list will contain operations that are considered high risk by the Ministry of the Environment and therefore require submission via the ECA process.

However, not being on the list does not make your facility automatically applicable to the EASR process. There are more factors that need to be examined to determine that.

DigisSci Environment is one of Ontario’s most reputable environmental assessment companies and offers the services of its environmental compliance consultants to help you determine which process your facility belongs with. For this we will need your staff to take the three following steps:

On Site Data Collection

Once our services are retained, we will have a day scheduled on which one or more environmental compliance consultants will arrive on your site. We will determine the specific requirements for staff present depending on the complexity and scale of your operations. Your employees will be asked technical questions regarding production methods and rates as well as making observations during the tour. This includes normally inaccessible areas such as rooftops which need to also be granted access to our environmental compliance consultants when they visit.

MECP Compliance and Emissions Estimation

Emissions being a major part of environmental regulations, making this a critically important separate step. It will not require separate examination and will be based on the data collected during phase one. Our environmental compliance approval specialists will compile the data collected during the tour into the Emission Summary and Dispersion Modelling (ESDM) report and noise screening processes, looking for significant contaminant discharge by the facility. If the facility is also producing noise pollution and is located in proximity to noise sensitive receptors, an AAR (Acoustic Assessment Report) may also be needed. Similarly, additional reports may be required for waste water, odour control and the like.

Submission and Review of Application

Once all data is collected and analyzed, we will be either applying for an ECA or an EASR on your behalf.

For an ECA, the review process will take a few weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the information submitted.

If the route to take is EASR, the review and approval process can be more complex but is usually achieved faster and can be expected to be concluded almost immediately once compliance is demonstrated for any air and noise emissions.

If you have need for any additional information or require our services for environmental compliance approvals and EASRs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.