Understanding Air Quality Permits for Manufacturing and Emission Controls Equipment Companies

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Selling equipment is a lucrative business but also highly competitive. In order to gain an advantage over the competition, you need to think outside the box and offer a more comprehensive solution.

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One of the things very often overlooked by companies selling equipment is to assist with acquiring the Ontario -required air quality permit your buyer will need after the purchase. If not included, your client may be in for an unpleasant surprise which may put a strain on your relationship. While we understand that the requirement is not part of the equipment, and is set in place by the Ontario Ministry of the environment, it is always going to be needed. A first-time buyer may not be aware of this, and will always be thankful if you help them be ready for it.

If not, they will need to engage air permitting consultants on their own, causing them additional fees. Fees you can save them by using the services of air permitting consultants yourself, at wholesale costs, saving them the hassle. It will be pennies for you in the short term, but worth a whole lot in the long run in buyer retention currency.

Now let’s talk about air quality permit requirements and basics.

Air Quality Permitting and Air Pollution Permits Ontario

In Ontario, every time a business installs new equipment or upgrades existing systems, that have air and/or noise emissions, there may be a need to acquire an air quality permit, new or amended respectively.

This is not to be taken lightly as inspectors working for the MECP (short for Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks) can surprise a business with an inspection with zero notice. This may result in a compliance request or worse, ranging from costs for hurried adjustments resulting in production downtimes, all the way to operations closure costing the company even more.

It is not uncommon for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to be blamed for this kind of oversight. And it is easy to prevent, with the help of air permitting consultants which our company employs for such purposes.

How do you get an Air Pollution Permit?

There are two different Environmental Approval processes you will need to follow depending on circumstances. The ECA (short for Environmental Compliance Approval) or the EASR short for Environmental Activity and Sector Registry).

The EASR is essentially a registry and gets you approved more or less instantly with a minimal amount of extra paperwork. The annual requirements for it are also almost negligible, depending on any changes that you may make to your processes or equipment. The ECA requires a more lengthy application and approval process and requires review by the MECP. All the more reason for getting this handled sooner rather than later by competent air permitting consultants.

We can help you determine whether your equipment requires permitting and which compliance path you should follow according to the North American Industry Classification System.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will take care of the rest. Visit our website for contact information and more info on this subject.