When is a ChemTRAC Report Really Needed?

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Municipalities in Ontario and Canada are enforcing bylaws requiring that businesses conduct environmental reporting. In the City of Toronto, the Environmental Reporting and Disclosure Bylaw applies to businesses using chemicals that emit to the atmosphere. Under environmental reporting is the ChemTRAC reporting program, which is intended to manage the costs, health and safety risks, and pollution caused by the use of specific chemicals.

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So in what situations would your business need to complete ChemTRAC reporting? Does your use of chemicals constitute the need to report to the City of Toronto?

Consider these situations and whether they apply to your business. If they do, it’s time to complete your ChemTRAC Emissions Reporting in Toronto:

Your facility is located in Toronto.

Requirements for ChemTrac Emissions Reporting in Toronto specifically apply to Toronto, which encompasses the surrounding communities of Etobicoke, East York, York, North York, and Scarborough. If your facility is located in one of these districts, you’ll likely need to submit a report. You can do this independently or work with ChemTRAC emission reporting consultants to fulfill bylaw requirements.

Your business is not exempt from the bylaw.

Some businesses are exempt from ChemTRAC reporting requirements. These include retailers, dental or medical offices, construction sites, hospitality services, and more. Refer to the list of exempt businesses. If your facility is not included in the list, you will need to complete a report.

Your business has manufactured, released, processed, or used priority chemicals in the past year.

Within the last year, if your facility used or created one of the listed priority substances under the Environmental Reporting and Disclosure bylaw, including chemicals under one or more of their three listed categories, make sure to complete your business ChemTRAC reporting.

Your use of priority substances this past year meets or exceeds the established limits.

The City of Toronto has established thresholds of priority chemical use to indicate whether your business should work with ChemTRAC reporting consultants. If your business used less than the amounts listed, you won’t need to report since your facility did not use or produce enough chemicals to trigger a report.

You can complete your ChemTRAC emissions reporting in Toronto online for your business’s convenience. By meeting these City of Toronto bylaws, you are making an effort to track priority substance use so the city can measure the health and environmental impacts. With these insights, plans can be developed to reduce pollution and toxic emissions in the city.